Box How Tomorrow Works

Few people are aware of how much the workplace has changed. Hierarchies only exist in titles. Collaboration is exploding in closed cultures like finance. legal and healthcare. The insights were told with actual file sharing data from Box usage in 9 different industries.

Collab Zone Installation

A kinect controlled interactive installation gave CIOs an opportunity to fortell how their industry would behave. The data was visualized as a fun experience, like flying through a galaxy where all the stars were your colleagues, partners and customers.

Industry Collab Graphs

Each industry has it's own unique workplace DNA. Nine of these graphs were created in Webgl with real time data from to show how employee collaboration increased over time.

The program was covered by the New York Times and explained how machine learning can further help companies understand their employees and their work habits better.

The campaign resulted in over 130 CEOs, CIOs , VPs of IT signing up to visualize their company's workplace DNA.