The Pricerie

The market for artisan quality goods is growing. However independent makers do not have the experience or resources to figure out a price that will move product. I co-founded The Pricerie as a service for makers to discover and improve the value of their products with input from retailers in the bay area as well as their peers. 

Sold Feb 2015 to DevCool Inc


Live Pricing at Events

Makers can bring their goods and get them priced via the app by store owners who specialize in their category. Retailers get exposure to new upcoming makers. We currently work in partnership with IDEO, Renegade Craft Fair, SFEtsy and East Bay Arts Collective.  

Currently 30 Bay Area retail store owners are aiding new and even established makers with advice on making their goods marketable. So far 359 items have been appraised. They will soon be available at a marketplace where all prices are validated and fair.