The Whiteout

The Whiteout is an initiative that uses art as a means to end our throwaway culture. The rescue begins with collecting rejects from thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. We repair, prime, paint and turn them into desirable pieces of art with original pen and ink illustrations. Hundreds of these art pieces have already been adopted.

T-spotting (Made with oversize party sunglasses)

Whiteout objects are available at retail stores in the Bay Area, taking the movement to Oakland and San Francisco. 

'SF Men' at Perch, SF made from an old masks from Alemany Flea Market in Glen Park. 

'I Heart Oakland' At Oaklandish. Made from a discarded jewelry box cover from Goodwill, on Telegraph Ave. 

Ariel adopts 'Tom Selleck Combs His Stache' at Renegade SF

The Whiteout is an initiative started by artists Vinit Patil and Vicente Montelongo

Thrillist SF  

Gallery Shows
IDEO Wunderfaire

New collections from the Whiteout are released once a year at IDEO Wunderfaire and online.
f you are an artist interested in a collab write to